How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

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They’re always happy to see you, they make you smile everyday, they help you relieve stress and they’re sure to always make you laugh…

While dogs may not understand the concept of Valentine’s Day, they can still be included in the celebration and have a great time. Here are some ways to make your dog a part of your Valentine’s Day festivities:

Picnic in the Park

Pack a special picnic for you and your dog, complete with his favorite toys, raw treats, and a cozy blanket. Spend the day playing and bonding with your furry friend in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Bake Homemade Dog Treats

Surprise your dog with a special treat made just for him. There are many recipes online for healthy and delicious dog-friendly treats, such as peanut butter bones or pumpkin pupcakes, but an even easier option is to freeze some of our organic kefir!

Give your Dog a Spa Day

If your dog is a fan of the water, why not give your dog the gift of relaxation with a spa day. Give him a nice bath, brush his fur, and trim his nails. End the spa day by giving him a massage and plenty of belly rubs.

Have a movie night

Cuddle up with your dog and watch his favorite movie. Whether it’s a classic like “Lassie” or a new release, your dog will love snuggling up next to you and feeling loved.

Take a Special Walk

Take your dog for a special walk to celebrate the day. Visit a new park, take a scenic route, or even walk along the beach. Make the walk extra special by bringing along his favorite toys and treats.

Remember, the most important part of celebrating Valentine’s Day with your dog is spending quality time together and showing him how much you love and appreciate him. Get creative and have a pawsome Valentine’s Day with your furry friend!