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I thought I would share this from Caroline at hedgerows hounds.
If you haven’t looked at her page please do, she does some amazing bits.
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After the recent scare stories in the tabloid press spreading inaccurate information about raw feeding I thought I would add a bit of common sense.
My observations are based on 20+ years of handling raw meat and feeding many dogs a home prepared diet.
I am sure many people have their own ways of doing things but here is what I recommend as it appears to have worked extremely well so far and I am sure its not just down to luck !

Fail to plan then plan to fail, is true of a lot of things and raw feeding is one of them. Do not decide to suddenly feed your dog a raw food diet on a whim. Research, ask for advise, contact some of the excellent, experienced raw food companies, they are there to help you so make use of them. This particularly applies to transitioning dogs with some health issues where a little more care may be needed.
Make sure they only use quality, human grade meat. If they do it will be on the packaging and easily visible on their website. They will be keen to let you know about their high standards and be open about it. The raw meat you buy should have been frozen previously, this is especially important with wild game and salmon to kill any parasites. If in doubt ask.
Also, if like me you are always on the look out for supermarket bargains bare in mind that this is fresh meat intended to be cooked and eaten by us. Make sure you either freeze it before use or lightly cook it before feeding. I always freeze everything brought in fresh for 2 weeks before feeding it to the dogs raw.
Using kitchen paper and cleaning spray or anti-bacterial wipes which can be put directly into the bin is good practice. Raw food suppliers that use tubs, pots or boxes make it so much cleaner to handle meat than the ones that use polythene bags. Thoroughly wash your hands after handling any meat.
🐾 HAVE UTENSILS, BOWLS AND SEALABLE TUBS JUST FOR DOG FOOD. Colour code or mark them so everyone is aware they are for dog use only.
🐾DEFROST MEAT in a secure, sealed tub on the very bottom shelf of the fridge.
Plastic bowls can become scratched and pitted and hard to keep clean. Stainless, you can scrub and keep very clean. I scold mine with boiling water from the kettle, while they are in the sink every few days. Place the stainless bowls into the plastic ones to stop them slipping around on the floor if needed. If your dog doesn`t finish all their food then remove the bowl, cover and place back in the fridge for later that day or carefully dispose of.
Use quality, secure bags and dispose of correctly. Now Wash Hands.

The dogs incredibly strong stomach acid and short digestive tract makes light work of any bugs in fresh food and lets face it they can eat the most disgusting, festering things out on our daily walks with no bad effects.
Our digestion is somewhat more delicate, but with just basic hygiene precautions and handling any meat be it for ourselves or our dogs with a little care everything will be right as rain.

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pictures of the rabbit minced.
They are gutted and minced with offal and fur perfect meal for the dogs.
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