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Dogs have eaten raw dog food for over 10,000 years, it’s what their bodies are designed for. Henley raw dog food offers a more natural and nutritious way to feed your dog. A raw food diet can make your dog happier and healthier too. Henley raw dog food is all about feeding your dog the way nature intended.  In a very short time your dog’s health and wellbeing can improve dramatically.

Our meals provide these benefits:

  • Biologically appropriate diet
  • Better weight control
  • Natural source of nutrition and energy
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Better overall health
  • Better digestion and less digestive upsets such as colitis, runny stools
  • Fewer and better formed stools
  • Better smelling breath, less tartar, cleaner teeth
  • Glossier coats
  • More stamina
  • No itchiness
  • Food enjoyment
  • A calmer, yet more focused, nature
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16 hours ago

Henley Raw Dog Food

Is weight loss one of your Dogs New Years resolutions? Dilys lost 12kgs with the help of Henley Raw Dog Food. I’m sure you’ll agree she’s now looking fabulous! Dilys is now a healthier happier Cockapoo. Well done Dilys 👍 🐾 🦴 See MoreSee Less

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20 hours ago

Henley Raw Dog Food

Happy Tuesday!
We are now live on Instagram @henleyrawdogfood so feel free to give us a follow. We would love pictures of your lovely pooches enjoying HRDF to share, so please do send them over or share on here 🙂
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2 days ago

Henley Raw Dog Food

Morning all! The website is now live & pre-orders are being accepted for shipping from 29th Jan. Enjoy! 🐾
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