Dogs have eaten raw dog food for over 10,000 years, it’s what their bodies are designed for. Henley raw dog food offers a more natural and nutritious way to feed your dog. A raw food diet can make your dog happier and healthier too. Henley raw dog food is all about feeding your dog the way nature intended.  In a very short time your dog’s health and wellbeing can improve dramatically.

Our meals provide these benefits:

  • Biologically appropriate diet
  • Better weight control
  • Natural source of nutrition and energy
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Better overall health
  • Better digestion and less digestive upsets such as colitis, runny stools
  • Fewer and better formed stools
  • Better smelling breath, less tartar, cleaner teeth
  • Glossier coats
  • More stamina
  • No itchiness
  • Food enjoyment
  • A calmer, yet more focused, nature
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