Our raw dog food boxes come in 16kg and 24kg boxes, and 2kg, 4kg, 8kg and 12kg for treats allowing you to buy them as a one-time purchase or to subscribe and save on your dog’s favourite meals.

If your dog has a particular taste, we offer raw dog food pick-and-mix bundles that allow you to select your dog’s favourite meals.

Only the finest
for your best friend

Your dog is is a natural meat-eater. When you switch to feeding a fresh, natural raw diet, your dogs life is changed forever. Our customers have reported numerous benefits since switching to our food. Make the change today, your dog will thank you.

Take the fuss out of feeding with our subscription box service.

Choose the size of your box, the number of each flavour your four-legged friend needs and finally how often you need a delivery. We garuntee you will also get the best price for our raw dog food

New to feeding a
raw food diet, or
looking to start with
a new puppy try our
Raw starter box

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Follow our simple guide along with this bundle and you’ll be an expert raw feeder before you know it.